Academic symposiums are major activities planned in the project which bring together researchers from all participant organisations and aim to detail research content, perspectives and methodologies to be transferred from the leading institutions to UMCS. These events allow to define a detailed plan of transfer of knowledge activities to be implemented during the project. Moreover, they help to elaborate a common interdisciplinary approach for the integration of the different disciplines involved in the project (ICT, health, economics, law, ethics and sociology).

Previous Academic Symposiums gave partners a chance to get to know with the project’s research lines (1st symposium), exchange and transfer knowledge and experience among partners in reference to the following topics: ICT, neuroinformatics and health aspects related to the design and use of digital tools for active aging and nutrition, define detailed research content, perspectives and findings to be transferred from Partners to UMCS, including transfer modality, work programme, specific actions, stakeholder involvement, etc. as well as define a common interdisciplinary approach, by highlighting for each discipline, general knowledge and specific inputs needed from the other disciplines involved in the project (2nd and 3rd symposium).

The upcoming 4th Academic Symposium consists in a peer review session aimed at developing, on the basis of the needs and the specific research lines identified in the previous symposiums, a detailed plan for systematic knowledge transfer, according to an interdisciplinary approach, from the high performing institutions to UMCS.

grafika 4th AS